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  • UV disinfection function, one step in place, time adjustable, different requirements, choose different modes.

  • The flip cover is designed to prevent UV leakage and the overall stainless steel liner has a longer service life.

  • 80 °C heat steriliion, quickly dry the residual moisture of the tableware, inhibit the bacteria, keep the tableware dry and clean, the tableware can be directly put with water, do not need to dry, can be drained directly in the machine, the use is more convenient.

  • Large-capacity design for daily tableware disinfection to meet your storage needs.

  • How to use: Place the cutlery, turn on the power, press the disinfection button, and turn it off automatically after disinfection.

  • N Z Tägliche Ausrüstung Sterilisatoren Desinfektion Schüsselzähler Typ 28l Kleine Haushaltsreinigung Edelstahl Vertikale Geschirrschrank Desinfektion 419x390x370mm